Market trends

Market trends

Society is constantly changing and Svedbergs Group adapts to meet these changes – it is vital that we understand the world around us. The trends that currently affect us most are the transition to a sustainable society, digitalisation and people’s growing need to create a comfortable life at home, known as “cocooning”.

Sustainable solutions

Demand for sustainable solutions is growing as society changes and this affects every market in which Svedbergs Group operates. In order to remain relevant to increasingly aware consumers, it is important to take responsibility throughout our business. Dialogue with the outside world and with stakeholders allows us to identify important trends in sustainability. Incorporating sustainability in the design process is a key to continued profitable business – today and even more so in the future. Svedbergs Group has a high proportion of in-house production, which gives us good control and the opportunity to develop sustainable processes and systems.


The concept of “cocooning” expresses the increased desire to look after one’s home, a long-term trend that picked up during the coronavirus pandemic and has continued to shape consumer behaviour. More time spent at home and a need to feel comfortable at home benefits Svedbergs Group, as it generates more interest in renovating bathrooms.


Digitalisation is growing throughout society and affects us all. New opportunities and demands from consumers need to be incorporated in the scope of our business. Business can largely be conducted entirely in digital form, and this places new demands on the way we think about marketing and sales. The possibilities of digitalisation also affect product development within Svedbergs Group, as well as the automation of production technology.

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