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Goals & strategy

Strategy for profitable growth

The vision of Svedbergs Group is to become the leading bathroom furniture supplier in selected markets. Our four strategic pillars provide the means to achieve this mission. Together, we build on this shared foundation.

Our goal

Svedbergs Group will maintain profitable growth and has a long-term profitability target of 15 percent EBITDA margin and average annual sales growth of 10 percent. Growth will take place both organically and through acquisitions. Organic growth will be achieved by gaining market share through innovative product development, efficient production processes and proactive sales work. A common and distinctive feature of Svedbergs’ portfolio of six brands is the strong position each brand has in its own market. We work together to increase the Group’s overall market share.

Putting customers first

Svedbergs Group will maintain a close relationship with its customers in order to achieve its goals. We inspire and simplify people’s everyday lives by creating sustainable bathrooms with durable furnishings. The foundation we build on is high quality, smart features and care for our customers, each other, our products and the environment.

The four strategic pillars

Strategic acquisitions

Svedbergs Group will grow through acquisitions that complement the current business through a broader geographical presence, greater expertise or new product categories. The acquired companies continue to operate independently under their own brands to build local leaders, while benefiting from the Group’s central administration and experience.

Independent companies

Svedbergs Group will strengthen the Group’s market position by allowing each subsidiary to operate and develop independently. The companies have a common strategic foundation, but are managed independently with separate sales, marketing and product strategies to cater to each market as effectively as possible. A high degree of autonomy also helps to maintain strong motivation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Profitable growth

Organic growth is a priority for Svedbergs Group and will be achieved in a profitable way. The existing range is continuously developed and refined to build on our most profitable products.

Collaboration without interference

As Svedbergs Group grows, it is important that the Group’s companies collaborate in an organised way. We safeguard the independence of each company, but encourage collaboration on their own initiatives. We believe this is the best approach to build on the strength of a group, while also preserving each company’s unique DNA.

Common ground


Svedbergs Group will lead the development of sustainable bathroom furniture in every market in which it operates. Sustainability is a vital element in this work and will be an integral part of each subsidiary’s daily business. Each company will work purposefully in line with the Group’s sustainability strategy and set goals.

Efficient processes and continuous improvement

Together, we will pursue a policy of continuous improvement to increase the efficiency of processes and routines. Efficient and responsible processes throughout the value chain will ensure long-term growth that is sustainable and profitable. One key area that has good potential to improve efficiency is the use of digital solutions. The Group can become even more competitive by taking advantage of the benefits of digitalisation throughout its operations.

Leadership and values

A healthy corporate culture and clear leadership enable the Group and its employees to develop and grow stronger. It is therefore important that the companies that make up Svedbergs Group share clear values that are reflected throughout their operations, and work continuously on leadership development.

Sustainability goals 2025

Environmental impact from transport and vehicles

The ratio of carbon dioxide emissions to net sales will be reduced by 20 percent between 2018 and 2025. In 2021, carbon dioxide emissions fell by 8 percent, contributing to an overall reduction of 20 percent since 2018.

Proportion of renewable energy

One hundred percent of the energy used by Svedbergs Group will come from renewable sources by 2025. In 2021, the share of renewable energy was 92 percent.


The ratio of combustible waste to net sales will be reduced by 20 percent between 2018 and 2025. In 2021, the amount of combustible waste fell by 25 percent, giving an overall reduction of 31 percent since 2018.

Svedbergs Group

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